tanemon replied to your post: i’m still pissed off at huffington pos…

how do u feel about dont cry for me argentina

my fave proving all the haters wrong and delivering a drop dead beautiful vocal slayage in a movie musical that she won a golden globe for? how do you think i feel about don’t cry for me argentina?

have you ever been with a girl?





why does this have so many notes? i mean the girl is beautiful but wtf?

i’m still pissed off at huffington posts’ ranking of madonna’s singles. they put Oh Father under Revolver and called it “boring” AND they put You’ll See last like what the fuck

do u like lana? if so whats ur fav song if u had to choose

yes. i’m totally living for West Coast right now so let’s go with that

what's your major?

political science

whats ur favourite food/film??

sushi and American Beauty

If you had to fuck to a Madonna song, what would it be?

Justify My Love (already done it tho<3)

Message me 1 thing you want to know about me.